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A person must have registered in person or voted in at least one election in order to vote absentee by mail. A voter who desires to vote by mail must request a ballot application no more than ninety (90) days and no less than seven (7) days before the election. An application to vote by mail can be returned by hand delivery, mail, fax, or email attachment.

Note on Email: A request for an application to vote by mail sent by email must contain an attachment which serves as the application for ballot. The attachment application must contain all required information including the voter’s signature. A request for a ballot sent by email without the attachment will not be processed.

The voter may have anyone they choose write their request for a ballot or for a voting by mail application, except that the voter must sign or make a mark where required. If the applicant or voter is so disabled that they cannot write a signature or make a mark where required, the action of the person who offers assistance shall be witnessed by one additional person. Both the person giving assistance and the witness shall sign their names and provide their addresses. A request to vote by mail is good for one election only. If a voter wishes to vote by mail for each election, a new request must be submitted during the proper time period. For more information, contact the Election Commission.

Should you need a Physician’s Statement, a form may be downloaded here:

requesting to vote by mail via fax or email

A person may make a request to vote by mail by faxing the request to the Election Office. The voter must put in writing all of the following information:

If requesting a ballot by email, all of the above information must be provided, including the voter’s signature and attached as a separate document to an email. If the information is in the body of the email and not attached, the request will be rejected. If any of the information is not included in either the fax or email, the request will be rejected.

A blue US Mailbox with a red with a white vote list in red on a black background with the words Vote in blue.

Military & Overseas voting

Military or overseas personnel may vote via the same information above. Military or overseas personnel may also obtain information about voting by mail here. The following form can be used by military or overseas voters.

An application to vote by mail with the above form is only good for one calendar year.

A red, white, and blue shirt pen with the words vote written in black on the front pocked of a green shirt.

Circumstances for Voting by Mail

A registered voter in any of the following circumstances may request to vote by mail:

For a list of underlying health conditions that makes a person more susceptible to contracting COVID-19, see A physician’s statement is not required. 

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